Sebastian ErraZuriz

The Beginning of the End

A new mythology for the end of human dominance
What does The Beginning of the End presents Technology as an artistic medium to explore the future of automation and its inevitable implications on society during the upcoming decades. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz uses video, projections, rendered prints, 3D printed sculptures, virtual sculptures and augmented reality to attempt to portray a new pantheon of today's most important technological forces.

Errazuriz, has spent the past 5 years following the impact of technology on a wide array of disciplines ranging from social economics, geo politics to nano robotics to biotechnology. He has kept track of the exponential growth of these disruptive technological advances, projecting forward their accelerating convergence and concluding they will result in an inevitable transformation of all current paradigms.

These digital monuments are presented as place holders erected in memory of the upcoming, converging, exponential, and disruptive technological transformations that will mark the rise of General Artificial Intelligence and the inevitable end of human evolutionary dominance.

The artist, designer and activist predicts that within the next decade alone, automation will displace 50% of all current jobs, which will result in a wave of social insurrection, migration, pandemics, the breakdown of institutional social nets, the rise of populism, the rise of fascism and the inevitability of multiple international wars. Errazuriz is convinced that the upcoming transformation will be exponentially faster and more aggressive than all previous technological industrial revolutions. Governments will prove useless to adapt in time to contain the problem.

The entire exhibition of The beginning of the End is designed as an excuse to warn viewers to be informed of the upcoming technological changes and prepare for the inevitable. Errazuriz explains: "An unarmed man has no way to escape a charging bear. He can only hope to outrun the other victims. I am shouting at the audience so they can have the opportunity to outrun the rest".

Exhibition as a tool

The Beginning of The End is not concerned with contributing to the current art world considered inefficient, irrelevant and outdated culture bound for disruption. Instead, the exhibition announces itself as a last display of useless works offered in sacrifice to leave behind in its place a new creative tool for all future art worlds to grow.

For Errazuriz, the strongest artwork of this exhibition is the new downloadable viewing platform for augmented reality. "If an artist could create the new world in which all art works would be experienced, created and shared, this would be the biggest work of art".

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